Projects: Retrato
Signed and numbered by the artist.
Texts: Español
Photography, texts and design: Bárbara Traver
Layout: Salvador Faus Navarro

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‘Portrait’ is a project taking place in the time between when my mother was diagnosed with cancer until now where my family relationships have been altered and darkened as well as my relationship with myself.

These photographs try to describe these struggles and contradictions: in an alert state, with doubt, restraint, and emotional depression. In light of what could happen, I have foreseen the possibility of a real death through metaphors and symbols. In an abandoned sorrow I spoke of silence as fear took hold of me and each state of mixed feelings which at the same time were so opposite. Each photograph wants to be a reflection of the different states with a cathartic intention, to the extent that they involve an exercise of introspection and observation – as an attempt to represent the indescribable – to arrive at a certain acceptance and liberation. This is the reason this self portrait is at the same a cry of anger and hopelessness, a yell for help and an attempt of personal growth.

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Soft cover, 15 x 15 cm, 28 pages. 2nd Special edition of 100 units.

Certificate of Authenticity:

This book is limited to 100 copies / self-published. Numbered and signed by the artist.