Project: Indómito
Signed and numerated by the author.

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Indomitable represents a poetic vision of nature, based on the profound love and respect I feel for Creation in its purest state.

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When disconnecting from our everyday world and getting closer to nature, a feeling grows in our heart; it whispers to us that landscape is not a simple scene anymore, but rather a universe. We contemplate it without any questions or answers.

Only with the inner peace of the magnificent, of that which overcomes us with its unattainable beauty and discovers how small we are in front of the immensity of what we cannot change without damage, for it is perfect. It is the slow pace towards peace, towards the interior of the indomitable, a true reflection of our inner self, of the rebelliousness that traps us and takes us to infinity.

I cannot hide, because every image shouts it out loud, that the vision of the sublime in Romantic painting has seduced me in such a way that it has led me to show a dark and dense nature, full of wild and indomitable places where everything, from the most beautiful from the most frightening, is possible. From there comes my search for irregularities and constant texture changes through light and shadow.

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