Drowning in Blue

Photographs: by Irene Cruz
Language: Spanish and English
Edition: 80 copies
Hand-Made, hand-sewn, bound and crafted by the artist
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The photography taken by Irene Cruz highlights the concept of the environment as a survivor against the human beings that stopped inhabiting, by using and dominating it. And yet, Nature is perceived as affable, generous and welcoming. It is a forgiving Nature, like a mother who would forgive her son the most terrible crime. It feels like the kind glance of somebody who is slowly and implacably dying away, and smiles at us because they are not overcome by wrath but they still long to improve.

In her recent work, entitled “Drowning in Blue“, Irene re ects upon the interference of plastic, so present in our daily lives. The relationship between plastic and the environment is one of strength and tyranny which suppresses, invades and crushes the love and respect we owe to our planet and which ultimately translates into loving ourselves.

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44 pages A4 Format (closed) / A3 (opened) Hand-Made, hand-sewn, bound and crafted by the artist Papel warm white 120gr Covers 350gr (free of plastics printing) Edition: 80 copies Sewing in 100% nature cotton thread Languages: English / Spanish / Italian