Fifty Dots is an art gallery in Barcelona specializing in contemporary photography, with a dedicated space to the exhibition and sale of limited and certified editions of national and international artists.

We are photographers and art enthusiasts

The project came about out of the will of its two creators to leverage the photographic medium as an artistic discipline. Therefore, Fifty Dots Gallery dedicates its space to different exhibitions throughout the year as well as other activities related to the diffusion of photography as an artistic and creative medium. The Gallery participates in several fairs and events both national and international to publicize the work of its represented artists.

Careful selection of photographs

Artists | Emerging | Contemporary

Fifty Dots represents artists of different nationalities, relying largely by emerging photographers and giving them an opportunity to enter the art market. Because they are the future and it is up to them that photography remains the artistic discipline with the greatest projection of recent times.

International market

Fairs | Events | Divulgation

Fifty Dots also bets on new technologies and dedicates a great effort to the online spreading of its artists and their works. Thus accessing the global market and selling works to collectors all around the world.

Start to collect contemporary photography

Start to collect

Art is something that is happening right now, not something that belongs only to a museum. We firmly believe that art should be accessible to everyone so that everyone can enjoy it and be inspired. Thus, we offer a wide collection of limited edition photographs.

In Fifty Dots, as a gallery we want to enhance not only the artists but also the collectors and art in general. Many large art collections start with small works and many great collectors start with a small investment. Our artistic catalogue includes all kinds of styles so that anyone can fall in love and start their own contemporary art collection.