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  • Old Summer Memories

    From July 9 to September 30

    We end this season with a virtual group exhibition, an ode to summer.

  • Fotofever Paris 2019

    From 7th to 10th of November of 2019 For the fifth consecutive year we participated in fotofever Paris, Israel Ariño, Alejandra Carles-Tolrá, Nicholas Hughes and Dani García Sarabia are the artists who complete our exhibition proposal for this edition.

  • La Divina comedia

    From June 28 to July 4, 2019.

    Her works reflect personal experiences influenced by the dialogue and clash between her cultural roots.

  • Realitats Imaginàries

    From May 9 to June 16, 2019.

    “Realitats Imaginàries” is the new collective exhibition that we present in our space from the 9th of May to the 7th of June with the participation of several artists represented.

  • Valira Drive

    Del 9 de mayo al 16 de junio de 2019.

    En Valira Drive, Daniel Garcia Sarabia retrata a modo de road trip Andorra, un país que ha visitado regularmente desde su infancia y que representa para él un lugar de cambio y evolución.

  • Art Up Fair, Lille

    From February 28 to March 3 2019

    European contemporary art fair, celebrating its 12th edition this year.

  • Patricia Bofill – Fotografías de lo invisible

    Del 17 de enero al 20 de marzo de 2019

    Fotografías de lo invisible alude a lo intangible, a lo que permanece oculto, a esa dimensión de la existencia que está más allá de lo visible, de lo aparente,

  • Alejandra Carles-Tolrá, The Bears

    ‘The Bears” is a series of photographs portraying women who are part of Brown University’s rugby team. While being part of an intellectually exigent environment, these students have decided to also join a very physically demanding sport. A sport that will introduce them to a community that will not only challenge them to push their…

  • Fotofever Paris 2018

    There is more or less a month for our annual appointment in Paris. For the fourth consecutive year we participated in fotofever, and this time as the official image of the fair with the image “Ashimoto”, by Cesar Ordoñez! That, together with the artists Israel Ariño, Irene Cruz and Maite Caramés, complete our exhibition proposal…

  • Proyecto fotográfico artístico documental del fotógrafo Israel Ariño.

    Israel Ariño, The Gravity of Place

    The Gravity of Place is a project made during an artist’s residency at Domaine de Kerguéhennec in Brittany. Kerguéhennec is a contemporary art centre that has over thirty sculptures installed in its surrounding landscape. The place, where other artists have previously left their mark, is charged with memory and meaning. The series explores the concept…

  • Voies OFF, Arlés

    Este año por primera vez desplazamos nuestra galería y artistas en Arles durante la primera semana de julio participando en el Festival Voies Off con la exposición colectiva “Transeúntes” y una pequeña muestra de la obra de nuestros artistas representados en la galería. Nos podréis encontrar del 2 al 8 de julio en el nº…

  • “Reality exchange” Barcelona · Berlín

    ”Reality Exchange” in collaboration with F.K.Kollektiv – FotoKlub KollektivBerlin 5 artists from our ‪Fiftydots‬ gallery will exhibit in Berlin (FK-Galerie), and 6 photographers from FKK here will be here, in our gallery in ‪#Barcelona‬ If you are in Berlin, don’t miss it, it will be held next Weekend during the 48 Stunden Neukölln ! 📸…