Crónicas de un desembarco

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One winter afternoon, a small story reaches my ears. The continuation and the trace left by that story take me to Maderuelo, a small town in Castilla. The trip serves in this series as an excuse to mean experiences, to arrange different times, physical, metaphorical and imaginary and to compose them as reflective, vital territory. The journey suggests border, that threshold where present, past and future compose and imagine the creative process constructed from an internal entity and that manifests itself in the landscape. The Crónicas de un disembarco series illustrates the transit of one’s own experience, through those poetic spaces where the unusual takes place, where photography escapes all control, where no effect can be calculated. And he does it through a trip without fixed direction, in constant search, allowing himself to be dragged by the dizziness of the experience, of the displacement, and in short, by the desire to build an image of the world in which his own presence is manifested.