Dani García Sarabia

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Talking about Dani García Sarabia is synonymus with showcasing a photographer seeking the most primitive essence of natural habitat. The images he captures with his  artistic eye are full of contradictions. On one hand they seem paintings carefully drawn from its natural source, and on the other they contain an immense dramatism capable of taking us to almost unknown spaces within us. In his skilful hands the camera works extraordinarily to show different aspects of the same scene through light trickery and varying tones or even the absence of colour at all, all thanks to the contrasts of the extreme climates he features. We can therefore say without fear of mistake that the scenes portrayed under his particular and special perspective often enclose a subtle irony or ambiguity that inspire different reflections and interpretations.

2018 · “Brossa image inspiration” Group exhibition, Miró&Art, Centre Cultural El Castell, Reus (Spain)
2018 · “Brossa image inspiration” Group exhibition, Miró&Art, Reial Cercle Artístic, Barcelona (Spain)
2018 · “Valira Drive” Group exhibition “Reality Exchange” 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival, Berlin (Germany)
2018 · “Valira Drive” Group exhibition Transeünts Voice Off 2018 Festival Arles (France)
2018 · “Valira Drive” Group exhibition Transeúntes Revela-t Off 2018, Barcelona (Spain)
2017 · “Valira Drive” Fotofever 2017, in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (France)
2017 · “Indómito” Group exhibition “Conciències Naturals” White Summer, Pals, Costa Brava (Spain)
2017 · “Indómito” ArtPhotoBcn 2017, Emerging Photography Festival, Barcelona (Spain)
2017 · “Más allá del Bosque” Solo exhibition, Revela’t 2017 OFF, Barcelona (Spain)
2016 · “Indómito” Fotofever 2016, in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (France)
2016 · “Indómito” Solo exhibition, Fifty Dots Gallery, Barcelona (Spain)
2016 · “Cap de Creus” ArtPhotoBcn 2016, Emerging Photography Festival, Barcelona (Spain)
2016 · “Andorra Landscapes” Solo exhibition, Fifty Dots Gallery, Barcelona (Spain)
2015 · “Andorra landscapes” Fotofever 2015, in Carrousel du Louvre, Paris (France)
2015 · Group exhibition, Anaglifos Art Factory Gallery, Barcelona (Spain)
2010 · “Natural Colours” Grupo Hospitalario Quirón hall, Solo exhibition, Barcelona (Spain)
2008 · Exhibition of “La Otra Cara del Dakar” in Total Panel System hall, Barcelona (Spain)