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(Madrid. 1987) Irene Cruz is a photographer and video-artist, living and working in Berlin. She studied Advertisement & Public Relations and also Audiovisual Communication at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid. After this, she took part at the International Masters at EFTI, specializing in Conceptual Photography and Artistic Creation and participated also in the course about Narrative effects of light (Cinematography).
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Light is indeed a very important part of her work which makes her explore and experiment in the Northern Europe countries.

She has in her CV more than 300 exhibitions, video installations and festivals, all over the world (in important places like Palais de Tokyo – Paris-, Project Art Space -NYC-, Kunsthalle – Deutsche Oper Berlin-, Círculo de Bellas Artes -Madrid-, MUA Alicante, Da2 Salamanca Museums, etc.). She also participated in important Art Fairs such as ARCO or Art Madrid, Positions (Berlin), Art Basel… In April 2017, Irene Cruz will be the invited artist of La Quatrième Image art fair in Paris.

She has won several prizes, including a second prize in Fototalentos (organized by the Banco Santander Foundation in 2010), the second prize in AENA Foundation Photography Contest and the first prize in Iberdrola Photography contest in 2014. Irene Cruz was also awarded by the International platform for the best video art of 2014.

She has participated in the festival Photoespaña several times since 2012 in different galleries and art spaces, being the youngest artist that has taken part in this festival. She was also rewarded as the emerging artist with the most international renown by the art specialist jury of Why on White, composed by the most important gallerists and cultural managers of the moment.

Her artworks are also part of important international collections.
“My Artwork is about mystery, privacy, integration with the landscape … Making my work away from customization to represent universal emotions and feelings. Another distinguishing feature is the light, a light of sunset, a cold light …that’s “my light”, I always feel very big attraction that light dim and intimate, subdued, serene, enveloping the stage. Rarely I show faces in my photos. Although I think the main key is what means the word “liminal” (referring to a position of an initial stage of a process, or be on both sides of a boundary or threshold). I mean, are between day and night, between the tranquility and restlessness. Is not a limit. It is a road, a bridge. Nature is everything.”

Graduate in “Advertisement and Public Relations” at Complutense University of Madrid. (UCM) . 2011
Graduate in “Audiovisual Comunication”. (UCM). 2011
International Master at EFTI Photography School, “Conceptual Photography and Artistic Creation“. 2011
Course in “New illuminations, narrative foundations of light” about cinematography lightning. EFTI. 2013

Workshops and seminars with Olaf Martens, Lottie Davies, Chema Madoz, Simon Knorfolk, Alexaner Apóstol, José Latova, Ciuco Gutiérrez, Miguel Oriola, Jesús Micó, Ouka Leele, Santiago B. Olmo, Fernando Marcos, Eduardo Momeñe, Carmen Dalmau, Manuel Rufo, Beatriz Martínez, José Ramón Bas, Eugenio Ampudia, Alejandro Castellote, Jorge Salgado, Rafael Liaño, Óscar Molina, Amaya Hernández, Juan Valbuena, Juan Santa-Cruz, Miguel V Espada, Mikel Bastida, Valentín Sama, Manuel Vilariño, Amador Toril, Luis Malibrán, Boe Marion, Victor Martín, and more.

- Student of Eduardo Rodríguez Merchán (2005 - Forever)
- Pop Up Kino Berlin’s Videoart Festival organizer. (2014 - Now)
- Co- Founder and Partner in Grundkreuz Art Editions (2014 - Now)
- Member of F.K.K Collective - Berlin (2017 - Now)
- Mentor for photographers
- Vicepresident of the Photographic Association: “Generación EME” - EFTI. (2011- Now).
- Blogger at AmateursBerlin, Arte a un click, Berlinarte, & my own blog (2013 - Now)
- Samy Ambassador influencer in Berlin. (2014 - 2017)
- Video Artist at Deutsche Oper - Berlin (2015 - 2017)
- Director of Photography at “Diana” movie. (December 2016 - January 2018). Directed by Alejo Moreno.
- Member of Visual Container. (2018 - Now)

- Lecturer & Teacher at Freie Universität Berlin, Darmsdat Universität, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Universidad Carlos III Madrid, CEART Madrid, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos de Madrid, Nebrija University Madrid, MMM online, SobreMesa Madrid, Unicorn Berlin, Too Many Flash Photography School, TMF Club, EFTI (Geme), La Térmica Málaga, ACLAM Foto Barcelona, We Work and Walk, Escuela de Teatro y Cine del Escorial, La Red Berlín, Instituto Cervantes Berlin, Art von Frei (Berlin), MUSAC (Castilla y León), UAL (London)... etc. (2013 - Now)


- “Drowning in Blue” Theredoom Gallery. 21 February - 19 March, 2018 (Madrid)
Curated by: Andrea Perissinotto
Organised by Theredoom in collaboration with Fiftydots gallery
- “Moonlight”. Unicorn Berlin. Azucar Gallery. March 2018 (Berlin)
In Collaboration with Aaron Shahanan (Music) & Nadia Túnez (Muse)
Curated by Stephan van Kuyk
- “Drowning in Blue” Fiftydots Gallery. 23 March - 1 May 2018 (Barcelona)
Curated by: Andrea Perissinotto
- Solo exhibition at Oscar Román Gallery (El Palomar Hall). Dates to confirm, 2018 (Mexico DF)
Curated by Elvira Rilova // Organized by: Art Cage & Óscar Román

- “Shades of night” “Nuances de nuit” - Arts-et-Métiers ArtSpace.
Curated by Alexandre Pikiakos. 14 - 29 November 2017 (Paris)
- The Muses - SanFest Festival. 14 / 15 / 16 Julio. In collaboration with FiftyDots Gallery. (Madrid)
Curated by: Antonio Carralón
- Shatten- Galatea Berlin. 48 Stunden Neukölln Kunst Festival. 23 - 25 June 2017. (Berlin)
In collaboration with D Eceolaza
- [Photography Fair] - La Quatrieme Image. Invited Artist. 2 - 17 April 2017 (Paris)
- The Muses. Solo Exhibition at Fifty Dots Gallery - 9. March - 5 May 2017. (Barcelona)
- [Art Fair] - Art Madrid 2016 - One Project. Fifty Dots Gallery. 22 - 26 February 2017 (Madrid)
Curated by: Carlos Delgado Mayordomo

- [Photoespaña Festival] Symbiosis Naturae - Exhibition at CEART. 2016. 9 June - 3 July 2016. (Madrid)
In collaboration with Victor Alba
Curated by Noemí Mendez
- Irgendwo - Galatea Berlin. 48 Stunden Neukölln Kunst Festival. 24 - 28 June 2016. (Berlin)
In collaboration with D Eceolaza
- Lieber Geist. Solo exhibition at Lab_in. 13 May - 25 June2016. (Vigo)
Curated by: María Marco
Opening May 13th -20h
- “Zeitraum Traum” Solo exhibition at C.C Buero Vallejo, Alcorcón. 13 January - 13 February (Madrid)
Opening: Wednesday January 13th - 19h
Curated by: Sol Izquierdo

- “Materia es lo soñado”. Lamosa Lab. 1 October - 1 November 2015 (Cuenca)
Opening: Thursday, October 1st.
Curated by: Naiara Valdano (Art-Gossips)
- “Waldeinsamkeit”. Arte Lateral (C.C Arturo Soria). 11 June - 27 September 2015 (Madrid)
In collaboration with: Alan Gleeson (Sound Designer) // Curator: Ana Sanfrutos
- “Habitat: Body & Landscape Awareness”. September 2015. Newcastle Foundation (Murcia)
Curator: Nicola Mariani
- “Culture of Nature. Nature of Culture” 48 Stunden Neukölln Art Festival 2015. Galatea. 26 - 28 June (Berlin)
- “Urlaub. Vacation: Retreat & Recover”. 12 March - 24 April 2015. MUA (Alicante)
[Photographic Festival - Photo Alc]. Curator: Sol Izquierdo
- “Waldimsamkeit”. Kleiner Salon - BCMArte. 18 February - 1 March 2014 (Berlin)
In collaboration with: Alan Gleeson (Sound design) & Altea Hernández (Performance)
Curator: Ana Sanfrutos
- “What Dreams Are Made Of”. The Ballery Gallery. 6 February - 17 February (Berlin)
In collaboration with: Sara Bounajm (Poetry) & Sound Awakener (Sound design)
Curator: Carlota Ibáñez de Aldecoa

- “Urlaub. Vacation: Retreat & Recover” . Dispara Gallery. 21 November 2014 - 15. January (A Estrada)
Outono Fotográfico Festival
Curator: Vitor Nieves
- Glocal (hi)stories - Irene Cruz’s Videoart Retrospective Show. 5 - 11 November 2014 (Berlin)
Kunsthistorischen Instituts der freien Universität Berlin
Curated by: Timur Kiseljov
- “Aus heiterem Himmel”. Mediadvanced. 26 September 2014 - 31 October 2014. (Gijón)
Curator: Juan Martínez
- “Die Stille” - Sala La Capilla. Palacio de Pronillo. 2 June - 20 July (Santander)
Curated by: Luis Bezeta
- “Habitat” 48h Neukölln. Hans Wallner Kunstraum. 26 - 30 June 2014. (Berlin)
Curated by: Hans Wallner
- Habitat//Native. PPC Gallery. 1 - 22 March 2014. Berlin
2 video-installations. Habitat: Solo // Native: with Giovanina Sequeira.
Curators: Sol Izquierdo (Habitat) & Tania Gomes (Native)

- “Aus heiterem Himmel”. Art & Weise Kunstraum. “Nacht und Nebel Festival”. 2 November - 9 December 2013.
Curator: Ana Sanfrutos. (Circular Culture).


- “5 Years of Upcycling” collection of winning images from the 5th World Press Photo Contest.
EFTI, Ecoembes & Ecoalf. Sala EFTI. 19 January - 23 February (Madrid)
- “The Lunch”. Galeria Theredoom. 23 January - 9 February (Madrid)
Curated by: Andrea Perissinotto
- “50th of December” group exhibition at Fifty Dots Gallery - 14. December - 26 January (Barcelona).
- “Proyecto 18” - Mercedes Roldán Art Gallery. 18 January - 18 February (Madrid)
Curated by: Mercedes Roldán
- DSP @ (.BOX) Video Project Space. 22 February - 8 march 2018. (Milan)
Curated by Joas Nebe
- [Art Fair] Hybrid Art Fair. La Ecléctica. Petit Palace Hotel. 23 - 25 February (Madrid)
- [Art Fair] Art Madrid Art Fair. Madrid art week. Mercedes Roldán Gallery. Palacio de Cibeles. 22 - 25 February (Madrid)
- [Art Fair] MIA FAIR MILANO Palazzo Litta Cultura. Fiftydots Gallery 9 - 12 March 2018 (Milan)

- “Inmensa Luz” - ENAIRE Foundation Photography Collection (Selection). Instituto Cervantes de Milán- 19 October - 12 January (Milan)
- MAGMA. 6 artists + 6 curators. Unicorn Berlin. Brunnenviertel. 8 - 12 December (Berlin)
Curated & Organized by: Stephan van Kuyk, Vanessa Souli, Eva Moll, Peter Wasmachteigentlich
- [Art Fair] SCOPE Contemporary art show. Mercedes Roldán Art Gallery - 5 - 10 December (Miami)
- [Photography Fair] - Foto Fever - Fifty Dots Gallery - 9 - 12 November (Paris)
- [Photography Festival] “Entre Piel” - FotoMexico - Galería Oscar Román. 3 October - 5 November (Mexico DF)
- “The Blind Curator”. F.K. Kollektiv Kunstraum. 23 June - 17 July (Berlin)
Curated by: Zack Helwa
- Un cierto panorama (reciente fotografía de autor en España) - PhotoEspaña Festival. Fundación Canal. 8 May- 23 July (Madrid)
Curated by: Cristina de Middel & Jesús Micó
- Exist. A solo women show. Gallery Mainoeuvre. 11 - 18 May (Berlin)
Curated by: Tiffany Graham
- [Photography Festival] - Segoviafoto 10º . Invited Artist by the organization. Palacio del Quintanar. 17 March - 7 May (Segovia)
- Ikea Relationships. Invited Artist by Anarel•la. Die Bäckerei. 1 - 30 April 2017 (Innsbruck)
Co-curated by: Alberto Sánchez, Marta Rey.
- Paralelas Contemporáneas X. Galería Óscar Román. 7 February - 12 March. (Mexico DF)
In collaboration with: Art Cage & Elvira Rilova

- Glogauair Open Studios - 9 + 10 December (Berlin)
- Polizontes. MARCA. Museo Arqueologico de Cacabelos. 28 October - 6 January 2016 (Cacabelos, León)
Curated by: Silvia Blanco Iglesias
- [Bienal] “Mujeres Aladas” Bienal Miradas de Mujeres. Reial Cercle Artístic. 27 October - 12 November (Barcelona)
Curated by: Carmen Berasategui y Carmen Hurtado
- [Photography Festival] Begira Photo. The Forest. El bosque. 20 October - 13 de November (Durango - Bizkaia)
- [Art Fair] Feria Estampa. Lab_in Booth. Matadero. 22 - 25 September (Madrid)
- [Art Festival] Berlinsoup. Mytologhy and Faritales. Irene Cruz + Oren Lazovski. Det Danske Institut. 3- 11 June (Athens)
- Inner Nature Exhibition. CAAM (Centro Atlántico de Árte Moderno). 13 April – 10 May. (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria)
- [Art Festival] Climate, Sustainability and the Arts. Temple University. 11 - 15 April. (Philadelphia)
- Climb Every Mountain. Casa de la cultura de Azuqueca. 18 February - 5 Macrh (Azuqueca de Henares - Guadalajara)
Curated and organised by: Alberto Martinez Centenera

- [Art Festival] FIVA 5th Edition.Auditorio Jorge Luis Borges de la Biblioteca Nacional. 1-2 December (Buenos Aires)
- ECO-FRAMES. Conciencia Ambiental y relatos fílmicos. IN exhibition. IVAM. 26 - 27 November (Valencia)
- Lurra. Irene Cruz + Juan Yuste + María JL Hierro. Nave 73 Artroom. 13 - 18 November (Madrid)
Curated by: Adriana Berges
- [Art Fair] Estampa 2015. Galeria BAT Alberto Cornejo Stand. Matadero de Madrid. 24 - 27 September (Madrid)
- [Art Fair] Positions Art (Berlin Art Week). Represented by VAC VideoArtChannel. 17-20 September (Berlin)
- [Photography Festival] Photoespaña 2015. “3 mujeres, 3 miradas” Galería BAT. 9 Juni - 12 September (Madrid)
Irene Cruz + Leticia Felgueroso + Sheila Pazos
Curated by: Alberto Cornejo
- INCUBARTE 7 - UTSVAN - MuVIM, Museu Valencià de la Il•lustració i la Modernitat de Valencia. 19 - 21 June (Valencia)
Curated by: Antonio Ortuño
- “Wasser, Kunst, Frauen, Leben”. SUSI Interkulturelles Frauenzentrum. 19 - 30 June (Berlin)
Curated by: Francesca Pietracci
- “Whitebox”. Souvenirs from Earth. Palais de Tokyo Centre d’art contemporain. 13 May -24 May & Online & Onair (Paris)
Opening: 13 May - 19:30h
Curated by: Bárbara Matas & Rieko Witfield
- “Yo, la peor de todas” #a3bandas. Mondo Galería. 11 April - 1 May (Madrid)
Curated by: Helena Santiago

- “Impulsos Naturales” Irene Cruz + Nikola Srdic. Nave 73. 6 November - 14 December 2014. (Madrid)
Curator: Enrique Yáñez
- “VII Premio de Fotografía Fundación Aena” Exhibition. Palacio de Fernán Nuñez. 9 October - 9 November (Madrid)
- “War/She: Understanding the war from the female perspective”. 10 - 31 October (Kharkiv)
Curated by: Daria Prydybailo
- “Ósmosis: Tierra-Piel”. Irene Cruz & Pelayo Zurrón. Cervantes6. 27 September - 11 October (Oviedo)
Curated by Nuria García
- “Dazwischen”. Aqua Carré. 26 September - 26 October 2014 (Berlin)
Curated by: Corinna Radakovits
- “ 9980km - El horizonte que nos separa”. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Da2. 27 June - 28 October (Salamanca)
- [Art Fair] Berliner Liste. Berlin Art Week. GrundKreuz Project. 18 - 21 September 2014 (Berlin)
- “Sensitiva Presencia: Stimmung”. Faro de Tláhuac. 8 May 8 September 2014. (Mexico DF)
Curated by Juan José Ochoa.
- Under the Subway VA Night - Fourth edition 2014. 14 June (New York)
Curated by Antonio Ortuño.
- “Triunfo y Poesía”. Galería Santa Fé. 9- 11 May 2014 (Bogotá)
Curated by Mario Gutiérrez Cru
- [Art Fair] Art Madrid 9th edition. Galería de Cristal. Palacio de Cibeles. (Cervantes6) 19 - 23 February (Madrid)
- [Art Fair] ARCO 2014. Ifema. #BlumenARCO - Viral installation 19 - February (Madrid)
Curated by Emma Trinidad
- “Mínimos”. Galería Cero. 12 December - 20 February 2014. (Madrid)
Curators: Ciuco Gutiérrez, Bea Martínez.

- “Upcycling”. 27 November - 27 December. TEA (Tenerife)
- “Strangers in Paradise”. Centro Cultural de hispanohablantes de Ámsterdam. 1-15 December (Amsterdam)
- [Art Fair] China•Lishui International Photography Festival - 6 -10 November. (Luishi)
- “En pelotas”- EFTI Showroom. Espacio Off. 13 September - 15 November. (Madrid).
Curators: Ciuco Gutiérrez & Beatriz Martínez.
- “Madrid en la Cámara” Joint exhibition at “CentroCentro” (Correos Building).
Curator: Eduardo Momeñe. 5 March - 15 Sept. (Madrid)
- “Marca Spanien”. Europe Creative Center ECC. Kunsthalle Weißensee Kreativstadt. 19 July - 30 July (Berlin)
Curator: José Jurado
- Kultursymposium - “Weitermachen / Keep Going” - Kulturni centrum Rehlovice - 20 July. Řehlovice (Czech Republic)
- “Vicios y pecados del mundo antiguo” Museo Arqueológico Regional de la Comunidad de Madrid.
18 May - 21 June. (Madrid)
- Hall of Spanish Royal Photographic Society (Sala de la Real Sociedad fotográfica española).
Curator: Pepe Frisuelos. 18 April - 15 May. (Madrid)
- “Macht Kunst” - KunstHalle by Deutsche Bank. 5 April - 29 April. (Berlin)
- “Tres, three, tree...”. Ariza gallery. Joint exhibition with María Trillo & Sofía Roncero.
Curator: Rafael Liaño. 22 March - 27 April. (Madrid)

- Ellas detrás del objetivo. At Ddo. Curator: Javy Sánchez. From 12 March to 19 March. (Madrid)
- [Photoespaña] EFTI espacio off. Curator: Ciuco Gutiérrez. 2- 28 July 2012. (Madrid)
- [Art Fair] TarazonaFoto 2012. “De tal palo tal astilla”. Curator: José Latova. August- September 2012. (Zaragoza)

- FotoMercè. Joint exhibition. La Virreina Centre de la Imatge. 20. September al 16. October. (Barcelona)
- “Retratos”. Circulo de BBAA. Curated by: Jesús Micó. June (Madrid)

- “Fototalentos”. University of Girona. Claustro de la Facultad de Letras. 10. al 24. March
- “Fototalentos”. University of Córdoba. Claustro de la facultad de Derecho, CC.EE. From 8. to 23. April
- “Fototalentos”. University of Castilla-La Mancha. Patio del Tesoro. Facultad de Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas.
Toledo. From 28. April al 10. May
- “Fototalentos” Salamanca. Patio de Escuelas. From 19. May to 2 June
- “Fototalentos”. Awarded Works. San Fernando de Cádiz. Plaza de la Iglesia Gallery. From 11. to 18. October
* Fototalentos was a Photography contest organized By Banco Santander Foundation (I was awarded with an accesit)

Second prize. Ecoembes / Ecoalf & EFTI upcycling photography contest. December
Selected Video-Artist for Art Sevilla Art Fair. October
Invited Artist to La Quatrieme Image Fair of Paris. April

“Foto des Tages”. BVG + Berliner Fenster channel. 7 April 2016. March
Part in the selected projects “Atlas de quietud” and “10x10” for Carta Blanca Efti Exhibition Project Contest. February
Selected Artist for a solo exhibition in CEART (by the Jury Jose Luis Serzo, Suso33 & Chema Madoz). January
Selected Artist for participating in ROOM ART FAIR with Anormalmag. January

Finalist at “We want to film you”. A la Luz. October
1st Price Best Emerging Artist of the year by Why On White. October

First prize. “Aus Heiterem Himmel” International Best Videoart of the Year. 360º Video Challenge. December
Third prize in II Upcyling Photography Contest. October
First prize in II Iberdrola Photography Contest. September
Second prize in National Aena Foundation Photography Contest. May
Winner Artist in “BookMark” Fine Arts Contest. Habitat I 1st Prize. Art Basel & Miami. May
Second prize in EFTI Portfolios with the project Urlaub. February
One of the 10 significant and outstanding artists in 2014. VeoArte & AbsolutNetwork. February
Winner Artist in Nave 73 Fine Arts Contest 2014. With Seele Series. January

Second prize in EFTI Network with the project “Mär”. December
Finalist in “Cartas a la Nave” Fine Arts Contest. December
Finalist I Creative Photography Contest “Manifeste Des Yeux Photographies”. October
Winner of the contest “Miradas de mujeres” in the matter “Nature and landscape”. September
Finalist III Beca de Fotografía MADPHOTO - September
Finalist in Upcycling - ECOLAF - ECOEMBES - EFTI - September
Finalist in “Iberdrola-CFCBilbao” Photography contest. September
Finalist in “Vicios y Pecados del mundo antiguo” (Universidad de Alcalá y el Museo Arqueológico Regional (MAR). May
Finalist Work in Absolut Porfolios contest. May

Finalist in Digital Camera contest “Fotomundo”. October
First Prize in EFTI Network with the project “Björk”. December

Finalist FotoMercè 2011. September.
First Prize in EFTI Network with the project “Seele“. September

Accesit “Fototalentos 2010“ (Banco Santander Foundation and Universia). June
(4 times finalist too).

Finalist in national Renfe contest. “Atrapando el movimiento”. November

Casa de América. Madrid
Aena Foundation Contemporary Art Collection. (Madrid)
Banco Santander Foundation. (Madrid)
Newcastle Foundation. (Murcia)
Regional Arqueologic Museum (Madrid)
Deutsche Bank Foundation (Berlin)
Da2 Museum (Salamanca)
AAL Collection (Chile)
Fiftydots Gallery (Barcelona)
Plastiké Gallery (Madrid)
Azucar Gallery (Berlín - Buenos Aires)
PPC Gallery Collection. (París - Berlin)
La Quatrieme Image (París)
The Ballery (Berlin)
ArtCage (Mexico DF)
Óscar Román (México DF)
Léucade Gallery (Murcia)
Galería BAT (Madrid)


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