Patricia Bofill

Barcelona, 1973

I always liked the painting. I studied Fine Arts, it was there where I discovered photography, black and white, classics. I decided to start my author project some years after graduating.

Since then I have supplemented my training with workshops and specialized courses. I remember with special interest those of Alejandro Castellote, David Jiménez and Juanan Requena. In 2017 I was awarded the ‘Argi Arantzazu’ prize, thanks to which I celebrated my first solo exhibition with the work ‘Photographs of the invisible’ within the context of the ARGI festival, at the Gandiaga Center in Arantzazu, Guipúzcoa. I have participated in various group exhibitions inside and outside the territory, and my work has been recognized in national and international competitions such as Nexofoto, Begira Photo, ARGI Arantzazu, BIPA Barcelona International Photography Award, Lens Culture Emergent Talent or Caixa Terrassa Awards.

I understand my work as a long-term project, open, in continuous evolution. All search, all confrontation with the outside is directed towards the interior of oneself. Photography is for me a means of questioning, a pretext to ask ourselves who we are, to pay attention, to explore our relationship with the world, to connect with our essential and intimate being. My work interrogates the visible, deals with the ambiguous nature of photography and the fragile relationship that it maintains with the real. Look for a more intuitive perception, less mediated by the word. A quiet and attentive perception that leads us, ultimately, to become more aware of our own presence.