Bernat García

Born in Barcelona in February 1990.

From his early life he begins to travel around the world, first with his parents and then alone. This way, he knows much of Europe and different countries of Asia and America, cultivating a taste for travel photography.

During his studies at Pompeu Fabra University he joins the Erasmus Programme in Norway. This is where, inspired by the Nordic light and landscapes, his interest in photography definitely awakens. From that moment, he acquires his first digital SLR camera and start learning as a self-taught.

In 2014 studies a photographic course at the Institut d’Estudis Fotogràfics de Catalunya. In that same period of time he becomes interested in the classical techniques of photography. Most of his work will, thereafter, be made with medium format black and white film , processing his photos at his laboratory.

Currently he continues to travel and deepen the study of photography.