May 4th - June 1st 2017 · OFF Revela-T · Dani G. Sarabia · Más Allá del Bosque (Beyond the Forest)

Dates: May 4th - June 1st 2017
Artist: Dani G. Sarabia.
Place: Fifty Dots Gallery. Milà i Fontanals, 59. 08012 Barcelona

What do the forests hide? What do they hide under their thick branches and thick trunks?

When you cross a forest from its edge it is impossible to get an idea of ​​its magnitude, you only see what its first trees, its guardians, want to show you and that is only a few meters. It is not until you enter into it, that you do not discover the universe in which you are submerging. The atmosphere changes, the sounds are muffled, the sky is covered by the branches and the light filtered by the leaves acquires a unique tone.

The forest is very capricious and will never let you discover beyond a few steps around you. As if you were in a bubble, it will show and hide its secrets as you penetrate it, making you lose the notion of space and time.

The trees intermingle to cover the field of vision and fallen logs bar us the passage, although to save these obstacles has its reward. If we pay attention, each corner shows us a new mystery that captures our attention. Small doors that take us to a timeless and primitive world, with a magical essence that can almost be felt.