Distintos formatos y acabados para nuestras impresiones fotgráficas artísticas

Different formats, different editions

Sizes abailable:

MINI - Numbered 16 x 24 cm 20 x 20 cm
CLASSIC - 50 copies 24 x 36 cm 30 x 30 cm
POPULAR - 50 copies 50 x 75 cm 60 x 60 cm
LARGE - 50 copies 80 x 120 cm 90 x 90 cm
* Measurements are approximate and are adapted according to each work.
Differents sizes scheme FiftyDots

Photographic laboratory

Còpia is the name given to the Fifty Dots laboratory specialised in digital printing on Fine Art paper, with more than 25 years of experience working with prestigious photographers, galleries and museums.




FiftyDots imprime en papeles Hahnemühle naturales

All copies are printed on art-quality stucco paper and with light-stable pigmented inks guaranteed to last over 75 years. With natural Hahnemühle paper, 100% cotton or fibre and acid-free, which guarantee permanence and provide an unbeatable finish.


Dibond mounting

This is an aluminium composite panel that combines two pre-lacquered and thermo-glued aluminium surface layers with a polyethylene core. It is a very rigid material and is corrosion-resistant with a low coefficient of thermal expansion. It is especially suitable for medium and large prints. It is especially suitable for framing. An aluminium frame can be placed at the back, so that, when hung, the piece seems to be suspended in the air in front of the wall.

Acrylic glass

Rigid thermoplastic with crystalline transparency, of excellent optical quality. It is resistant to aging and UV rays and does not turn yellow. It is suitable for medium and large prints. It is ideal to place on images mounted on Dibond or Forex to achieve spectacular results. We use pigment printing on glossy paper for copies to be cast in acrylic glass.

Wood frame

Hight quality wood frame, available in white or black color. Perfect for a simple, elegant and contemporary style framing.

Artisan framing

Tot Marc, our frame supplier, with more than 30 years of experience producing handmade wooden frames and finishes of the highest quality.