Pekka Järventaus

Gothenburg, Sweden

Swedish Artist/photographer Pekka Järventaus was born in Gothenburg 6th of April 1976. Järventaus originally had a background as an artist in the video game industry. But during an African safari some years ago, he discovered his deep passion for photography and for wild animals. While his subject is the lions themselves, Järventaus also injects his artistic vision into the images. He strives to go beyond documentation and to convey the magical, mysterious quality of lions that speaks to him most strongly. In order to maximize the effect he is seeking, he shoots mostly in black and white and in moody dramatic weather conditions. As Järventaus continues to photograph his subject, his appreciation for both the medium and the animals has deepened. Besides perfecting his own aesthetic vision and communicating the beauty of what he has seen, Järventaus hopes his images can help inspire a future in which wild animals are still able to roam freely in the world’s unspoiled landscapes