César Ordóñez, We are not islands

  • FROM 9 MAY TO 31 JUL, 2018


Exhibition of César Ordóñez
Vernissage: May 9, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.
Gallery: Fifty Dots
Collaborators: Enate & Ami Iyök


“We are not islands”

“Nothing, absolutely nothing makes sense, if we don’t admit that people are not islands, independent of each other; every person is a piece of the continent, a part of the whole.”

(Thomas Merton, 1955).

In “We are not islands”,Ordóñez shows us more than twenty poetic landscapesclose to abstraction, with a markedly reflexive and transforming intention. The photographs of this series, created from simple shapes, capture the simple beauty of the islands, beauty that has the ability to move us and connect with the purity of nature. Landscapes that, symbolically, represent the telluric link between all human beings.



Island: Portion of land surrounded by water. And also an area clearly separated from the surrounding space, in stations, airports, public roads, etc.

Thus we see ourselves too often: as islands, separated and disconnected from the rest of humanity. Surrounded by an empty space that, in a illusive way, protects us from a society that we believe hostile.

 But the reality is different. The islands don’t float in the sea, they are lands that emerge from the earth’s crust and are connected to the solid part of the planet. In the same way, all human beings are interconnected much more than we can imagine, and also with nature itself.

We are not islands and neither are the islands themselves.